Programmable temperature controllers

Converts Constant Wattage heaters into perfect regulating heat tracing systems

Principle of operation
Heating loads are sized to cater for worst ambient conditions and are therefore, oversized for most of the time.
Management of the excess heat directly affects energy consumption, maximum demand, temperature safety and heater life.

Conventional Control 
A thermostat switches the oversized load on and 
off within a band above and below its set point.
Expansion and contraction of the heater caused by thermal cycling eventually leads to failure.
The switching differential results in energy wastage particulary during flow conditions.
The heater always operates at maximum power and temperature and the load delivered is higher than demand.
Varioplex / Uniplex 
Conversely, Varioplex / Uniplex turns the heater up or down as the ambient temperature changes, precisely matching the heater output with heat losses.
Heater life is extended as the heater is not cycling and usually operates below its rated output, also reducing maximum demand.
Operating costs are dramatically reduced - energy wastage is eliminated as there is no switching 
System safety is improved due to lower operating


  1. Automatic curve matching Heatlosses vs. Heat output (Perfect regulation)
  2. Energy savings (up to 50% depending on hysteresis and maintain temperature)
  3. Improved safety, life, reduced maximum demand
  4. Mains voltage compensation
  5. Stabilised designs possible (low cable temperature cf. Ex temperature ratings)
  6. Continues monitoring for correct operation
  7. High power capability (90A SSR/ph; Thyristor stacks up to 260A/ph)