System Uniplex I

  • Expansion up to 150 heating circuits
  • Local control panels with Uniplex cards and central operation, indication and logging at the PC
  • Temperature limiter independent from the controller acc. to EN 50019 + A4 and VDE 0631
  • Suppression of the controller's output signal in case of limiter trip
  • Constant temperature controlling (analogue output) or on-off control (relay output)
  • Current adjustment acc. to full wave switching principle
  • Current regulator in connection with external electronic Solid State Relay
  • Supervision of temperature sensors: alarming in case of short circuit or brake
  • Indication of max.- and min.-temperature
  • Low temperature alarm, blocked during start-up
  • Supervision of load-current on minimum and maximum (adjustable)
  • Supervision of heating circuit during non-operation
  • Storage of the alarm status in case of voltage loss
  • Processing of add external limiter alarm
  • Limiter relay with 2 normally open contact
  • Alarming for each heating circuit
  • Separate Tmin/Tmax-relay
  • Operating condition "Standby" selectable externally
  • Input of all parameters by means of control keys
  • Input of parameter locked by password
  • Indication of all measured values, parameters and alarms by double-line display, value and parameters names and fault indicators in clear text
  • Standard distance between control panel and operating terminal up to 800 m
  • Indication of operating conditions
    and general alarms by LED
  • Analogue output (4-20 mA) for actual temperature of controller
  • One heating circuit needs:
    • 2 Pt 100-sensors
    • 1 Uniplex I
    • power start with electron. Solid State Realy current transformer, contactor
  • In case of PC failure, controller
    and limiter are operating independently
Process-Configuration Uniplex I