Visualization of Uniplex data on PC

  • Max. capacity 150 heating circuits (Uniplex) per PC
  • Data exchange between PC and Uniplex cards by serial bus (RS 485)
  • Graphical visualization of the values, parameters and alarms
  • Data-input protected by password, password can be changed by authorized operator only
  • Common setpoint-input possible for several heating circuits
  • Selection of operating conditions for each Uniplex card with the aid of operation control key:
  • Printer output of the setpoints and actual values of a heating circuit with date and time
  • The setpoints for each heating circuit are stored in the PC, too
  • The setpoints of the Uniplex cards and the stored values of the PC are compared while
    • Re-start of the PC
    • Start of the data connection
      between PC and Uniplex card
  • If the data between PC and Uniplex values does not correspond, the values of the Uniplex and PC of the heating circuit will be indicated
  • Status indication of all heatingcircuits
  • Alarm and error messages of all heating circuits. Printout only if required.
  • Reset of alarm for each heating circuit via PC
  • Interface by ASCII data set to a dBase operation for
    • remote setpoints
    • indication of alarm
System-Configuration Uniplex I