Freeze protection of concrete floors

Well proved technology, finest quality production,
high operational safety, and consistent energy con-
sistent energy consumption are the qualities which
identify the Klöpper-Therm Frost Protection Heating.
Klöpper-Therm control the whole process, from the
project stage to manufacture of complete plants.

Klöpper-Therm heating is embedded in the 
condensation barrier of the neutral zone.
Cracks, or other faults, in the concrete base
do not affect the heating elements.
Because of their Teflon (FEP) insulation
they are resistant to alkali attack, and are
very durable.
Complete covering of the whole area with
a rigid PVC film provides additional safety.



Klöpper-Therm modules contain all the
necessary items for the complete heating
installation: heating mat, and connecting
cables to the required lenght, temperature
sensor, control box, including dowels and
wood screws.


Klöpper-Therm Frost Protection Heating
is designed to be easily installed in accor-
dance with the Instructions by unskilled
personnel. Of course Klöpper-Therm
experts are available for this work if required.
Large installations are assembled in the Works
ready for use.
Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor is embedded
centrally between the heating mats.
It is fixed to the concrete subsurface,
in the condensation barrier, by a cement
plaster in such a way as to be flush with
the upper surface of the concrete.
Changes of direction

The supporting film is simply cut,
the heating mat can then be turned through
90°, and furthermore it can be pivoted
through 90°. In this way the direction of the
installation can be simply and effectivily
Concrete areas near doorways

Klöpper-Therm Heating Mats are an effec-
tive means of preventing the escape of cold
air from deep freeze chambers. They are
suitable for the most varied of door ope-
nings, and are embedded approx. 100 cms.
deep to meet all building regulations.
Freeze protection of bridges and roads.