Heating-up with inline-heaters and immersion elements

Outline of Klöpper-Programme

Immersion heater
Load: 55 kW
Type of protection: Flameproof enclosure EEx d IIC
Material: Inconel 600 - as part of a gas heater - operating
temperature 520 °C, for UOP Platforming Process.

Immersion heater - withdrawable type
Load: 30 kW
Type of protection: IP 55
especially for heating heavy duty oil; can also be used for other media;
the heating elements can be easily removed from a full tank.

Pre-heater for heat transfer oil
Load: 300 kW
Type of protection: Increased safety EEx e
Three-step flow pre-heater with 6 heating flanges,
including heat insulation;
operating temperature 350 °C
Heavy oil pre-heater
Load: 4 - 150 kW
Tropical execution, with associated switch unit and easily withdrawable heating elements, including heat insulation; operating temperature 130 °C
  Double pump station for heating oil "S"
equipped with: 2 electric pre-heaters for
heavy oil, feed pumps, shut-off valves,
flow control, pressure control valves,
pressure and temperature gauges, main
control panel, mount frame with leakage tub.

Steam super-heater
Load: 280 kW
Voltage: 500 V
Type of protection: IP 55
for super-heating of saturated steam 15 bar,
up to 500 °C, complete with heat insulation.